Cognitive behaviour therapy changed my life. It's cliché, but true. I discovered why I overeat and I've changed how I think about food and eating.

Here is a list of posts chronicling my CBT journey in chronological order:  

The journey to change began with the book, The Beck Diet Solution. The original premise for this blog was to chronicle my way through this 6-week self-help program. I lasted 15 days, from August 1st to the 15th in 2009. In the end, I needed more help than I could get from a self-help book, but I'm posting these entries so you can read about my relationship with food before CBT.

Introduction: Can I learn to think like a thin person?

Chapter 1: The Key to Success

Chapter 2: What Really Makes you Eat

Chapter 3: How Thin People Think

Chapter 4: How to Use the Beck Diet Solution

Chapter 5: Week 1, Day 1 Lay the Groundwork

Chapter 5: Week 1, Day 2 Pick Two Reasonable Diets

The Chocolate Chain of Compromise

Last Post about the Beck Diet Solution

Before I found cognitive behaviour therapy, I attempted to fix my eating/food/weight issues with a Toronto-based intuitive eating group therapy program. Below are a series of posts about my experience and insights with the seven rules for intuitive eating.

Eat when you are hungry

Eat sitting down in a calm environment

Eat what your body wants

Eat until you are satisfied

Eat in full view of others

Eat with enjoyment, gusto and pleasure & eat without distraction


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