Monday, August 10, 2009

The Chocolate Chain of Compromise

A miracle happened at the dollar store this morning. The packages of Miniature Skor bars disappeared from the dollar store chocolate aisle. Somehow, I got out of the store without buying a substitute. I'll admit, that I thought about Junior Mints or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but I decided to resist.

My colleague and I chatted outside at lunch today. I wanted a buy a little carton of chocolate milk, but decided against it. I told her that I was going to strengthen my muscle to resist and forego the chocolate milk. After discussing the nutritional value of chocolate milk, she suggested that I indulge in a healthier alternate to chocolate milk. This made me laugh since chocolate milk is a substitute for a chocolate bar. A chocolate bar is a substitute for a package of dollar store chocolate. A package of dollar store chocolate is a substitute for grocery store chocolate and grocery store chocolate is a substitute for warehouse store chocolate. That's the chocolate chain of compromise.

Today's Task
The next task is to eat sitting down. When you try this you'll find that it's harder than you think. It's important to eat sitting so you are aware of your eating and you are visually satisfied. Just think of all the mindless eating that happens when you are standing (taste testing your cooking, sampling food at the store, snacking in the food court). This is another Geneen Roth guideline that mirrors the Beck Diet Solution. I did not do well after work on this task. Standing up, I mindlessly ate the crust from my baby's toast and sampled the fritata to ensure the temperature was just right.

A note on Previous Tasks
I've prepared a wallet size ARC (Advantage Response Card) for my wallet. My reminder system isn't working well; I'm having trouble reading the card twice daily, and I'm definetely not reading the advantages when I'm craving chocolate in the chocolate aisle.

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