Saturday, May 11, 2013

Catching Up yet again

Oh me oh my.

It's been busy here. So busy that until a few minutes ago, I didn't even have a chance to login to blogger. I haven't been swimming and a true sign of a hectic schedule, I bought my lunch a few times over the last couple of weeks.

My husband was away for a week visiting his parents in Newfoundland. Before he left I pictured quiet evenings of blogging. In reality I was too pooped from cleaning up and getting ready the next day. There was very little time and I had no energy to do anything other than go to bed.

I've also gained a couple of pounds (my jeans are slightly tighter) since we ate more prepackaged dinners. My parents helped me by picking up the bears after school/daycare. We ate dinner at their house when I picked them up after work.

Plus, I've been interviewing for two new jobs that has meant time buying interview clothes, preparing, and even completing a test/assignment for the more promising opportunity.

My interest is turning back to the less healthy food, which is a signal that I need to change my food routines. Frankly, there isn't enough time to figure that out right now, but I should have more time next week. Currently my attention is focused on baby bear's birthday party today. I can hardly believe my baby bear is three now.

That reminds me, the next big event is my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party next month.

Anyhow, these are challenges we all face and all that any of us can do is to muddle through the best we can.

I'm looking forward to getting back in the pool....

How are you doing?