Tuesday, July 8, 2014

RE: Grazing (Extra Circular Eating) and Tracking

From:   Kara
Sent:    July-08-14 9:29:43 AM
To:      Jennifer

I saw my therapist yesterday to talk about my extra circular eating (my term) - or grazing (her term). She had some great suggestions, and helped pinpoint the reason for grazing.

Interestingly, we've already identified the two triggers contributing to the morning and evening grazing: too much time between meals (I was eating breakfast more than three hours after I get up in the morning) and I was rebelling against my own self-imposed rule to not eat a snack after dinner (if I tell myself to not eat - I will eat).  So funny that I didn't see what now seems obvious.

Starting today, I'm going to do the following:

- Make and eat my oatmeal within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning.
- Eat again when I get to work.
- Eat an evening snack - twice a week a treat type snack; the other times something more nutritious like fruit plus protein.

So far so good today. I had my oatmeal before 6 am while assembling all the lunches, enjoyed a peppermint tea on the train and finished breakfast with cottage cheese at work and NO GRAZING!!!

We also talked about anxiety, how I am overwhelmed about looking for a new job etc. She suggested an mindfulness app to help with the anxiety and she helped me come up with a plan to designate certain activities each evening:

- Monday - the bachelorette and blogging (optional)
- Tuesday & Thursday - apply for jobs
- Wednesday & Friday - walking

I'm going to see her again on July 29...


From:   Jennifer 
Sent:   July-08-14 9:36:22 AM
To:       Kara


Great tips from the therapist - sounds like tips I got too - like eating several times a day and not restricting yourself.

Did you talk about tracking? The reason I brought up tracking is because you said you wanted to talk about it to her.

I haven't been diligent with the tracking of late and I am up a couple of pounds so I know it works for me.  I want to try to find a balance - maybe track one week a month.  Not sure - I am going to speak to the therapist about it.  


From: Kara
Sent: July-08-14 9:54:38 AM
To:          Jennifer

Yes, we talked about tracking. My therapist only uses tracking for her patients in the very beginning of the process (write stuff down before eating). She doesn't think that tracking is helpful for me as it triggers way too much anxiety. We're simply fine tuning some of my behaviours.

She said that I've been a successful intuitive eater for more than three years; eating without a plan and without tracking. People who are naturally thin don't track their food; it is too much work and personally is too much like a diet.

I know tracking is helping you - I'm so proud of what you have accomplished. Tracking is not a good fit for me. After last night's session, I feel very confident that with work I can permanently minimize grazing with the help of my therapist.

The interesting thing about intuitive eating is how natural it is. It reminds me of the description of naturally thin people's eating behaviours from the Beck Diet Solution by Judith Beck. Thin people naturally make healthier choices and eat less if they happen to eat heavier foods and/or bigger portions.

I talked about this with my therapist...I find now that on those heavier days at some point I naturally eat less or better quality food and those few pounds that I went up it goes down again. So when I say that my weight is stable, it goes up and down, but on average it stays the same.

However, if I'm tracking every calorie/point yada yada, I'm unsure if I would have gotten to this point where I can eat naturally - no plan and no tracking. I trust that in the end that I make choices to maintain my current weight and I'm not gaining.

At some point in your program will they transition you to a program without tracking? Learn to trust that you will make choices naturally - sometimes you eat more and sometimes you eat less? If this is something you want for yourself - I know you can do it...

From: Jennifer 
Sent: July-08-14 10:00:31 AM
To:          Kara 

Hi Kara,

Actually the therapist says the same thing to me about tracking.  Once I feel like I am at a good weight for me we will discuss not tracking but right now it is working for me.  

You know yourself pretty well and three years is amazing Kara!!  I only hope I can keep doing it too...and I think I have the tools to be successful.


From:    Kara
Sent:     July-08-14 4:14:19 PM
To:       Jennifer

I've eaten so much less today. No grazing. Mind you this isn't an issue at work, it's more a home problem, but I'm already looking forward to eating some squash for a snack tonight!

From:  Jennifer 
Sent:  July-08-14 6:53:25 PM
To:          Kara 

YEAH!!!  Good for you in seeking help/reassurance.

From:  Kara
Sent:  July-08-14 7:06:34 PM
To:          Jennifer


Would you be ok if I turned this into a blog post?

From: Jennifer 
Sent: July-08-14 7:08:49 PM
To:         Kara 

Sure - no problem!  

It's raining again...


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  1. You are smart to adjust yourself to address how stress/time is impacting your food. I think that (having to analyze, see what makes sense with the least amount of stress/trouble possible) is true for most of us. We have to adjust a lot of things over the years. Good to recognize and deal. Self help.


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