Friday, March 16, 2012

I only eat fruit in the morning

I just got back from the pool. It was a longer workout tonight from 9 to 10:30. The coach put me in a faster lane. It's a good challenge that will increase my stamina and speed faster.

Anyhow, I thought I'd write a quick post about a workplace conversation before I head to bed.

First a bit of background. On a daily basis, a neighbouring department participates in communal snacking on a daily basis; chips, cookies, baked goods, chocolates. On some occassions I see fruit or vegetables. Today they were eating Pirate cookies and multigrain nachos. Of course, they can eat whatever they want, but they do seem to be eating all this stuff out of habit. In any case, this particular conversation left me scratching my head.

Co-worker A: Hey would you like to have a pear?

Co-worker B: No, it's the afternoon, I only eat fruit in the morning.

I stop working and stand up.

Me: What? Why can't you eat fruit in the afternoon?

Co-worker B: I read that you should only eat fruit in the morning.

Me: But it's OK to eat multigrain nachos in the afternoon?

Co-worker B (with a bit of a laugh): Nachos aren't on the list...

From her laugh, I can tell that on some level even co-worker B realizes that her logic is ridiculous. It funny how she read a tip in a magazine/book/website and blindy follows this rule to the point where she actually believes that nachos is a better snack choice than a pear (or at least hasn't fully thought about this throughly).

She is actually doing herself a disservice on two fronts. She is eliminating fruit as a food choice for an afternoon/evening snack and is limiting the amount of fruit she eats since she can only eat fruit during a five-hour window each day.

Do you know anyone following a ridiculous dieting or healthy eating tip? Is your workplace a virtual food minefield? Are you having fun at your job?


  1. I found this really interesting I just started a low carb, higher protein diet, I can eat fruit but at breakfast as fruit is high in sugars and it's all about what you eat, when. I still eat loads of vegetables at lunch and dinner but my snacks are things like a boiled egg, small tin of tuna, small protein bar or 50g of low fat cottage cheese. I've never felt like I was this sated at all times, fruit as a snack always left me wanting more food. But everyone has their own way of doing things, I imagine what I'm doing sounds insane to some people, but it works for me.

    1. While I will not restrict my food choices in any way, I get that some people are following a plan that works for their life and eating.

      However, my co-worker isn't actually on a diet or attempting to lose weight. I think she sees this as an convenient rule to follow to promote a healthier life. But I don't actually see her eating fruit in the morning, so from my POV, following this rule means she is missing out on the nutrients from fruit.

      In any case, I like Karen's point below, if one decides to eat fruit at a certain time of day, make it a choice (I'm choosing to) as opposed to a contradiction (I can't)...

  2. I remember when I was young (I've been on a diet as long as I can remember) that my mom did that crazy cabbage diet. And the "Z" diet recently. She's ALWAYS into fads. And you can count they ALWAYS have crazy food ideas, haha.

    1. Was there a lot of beano around the house too? My goodness, I get so much gas from cabbage!

  3. Funny how people have crazy rules. My husband told me once I have to eat all non-carb foods before my carby foods to lose faster. What??

    I am not a fan of fresh fruit until summer-then I am crazy for any kind of melon. I do eat tons of veggies though and keep lots of fruit available to the family.

    1. We're always looking for the magic formula...

      Yes, I can relate. It's a trigger of mine, if food doesn't taste good, I eat food to make up for it. And sometimes, fruit just doesn't taste good.

  4. I actually just read the 17 Day Diet book. I was curious since several bloggers I follow have been having great success with it. The plan only has you eat fruit and carbs before 2:00. Something about how they are stored/processed by your body. It was ironic for me because I tend to NOT eat fruit/carbs early in the day because for me that often leads to wanting more so I tend to eat fruit in the afternoon or evening.

    1. That book could very well could be her source. I'll ask her tomorrow. There is no way I could eat only protein and vegetables after 2pm. I love carbs at all hours of the day!

  5. I am glad you gently challenged her fruit eating thing. Not so she would ACT on something, but so she might see the folly of doing something without knowing why and deciding whether it made sense. Or so you would know if it DID make sense or a difference to her and how.

    I try not to do things just because I am told to. But I am sure I do. I have been told probably 100 times to eat breakfast. I have read and read that I should, but when I do, it is like starting the eating conveyor belt in my head. Once I start... And plus - I am not hungry in the morning. If I, or am, I would. Sometimes I eat breakfast... maybe not until 11, but I eat eggs. If I eat breakfast in the morning, my calories are ALWAYS higher and I am ALWAYS hungry all day.

    OK blabber.

    I am trying to eat according to what my body tells me. Right now it tells me coffee.

    High five on moving up a lane Speedy Gonzalez! Let us know if your lap time improves.

    1. It drives me crazy when some people launch into "you should do this.., so in turn I try not to be that person as well. Time will tell if our conversation had an affect on her.

      My friend doesn't eat breakfast, she has to force herself to eat in the morning. So I know that is a tough habit to start. It's interesting that when you eat breakfast that you are hungry all day.

      Thanks, it feels great to see/feel the improvements. Hey - how is your swimming coming along?

  6. A couple of things occur to me:

    1. I find it interesting how people use the words "can" or "can't" in regards to food. I mean, unless you're seriously allergic, you CAN eat any food at any time, but you might choose not to. I remember when my oldest son went through a vegan phase, it became all about what could or couldn't eat. I'd make something and he'd say, "can I eat it?" and I'd say, "you can eat it, but you might just choose not to because it has [insert non-vegan ingredient here]"

    2. As I like to say, for every expert, there's an equal and opposite expert. All these weird rules about eating certains before or after certain times may actually "work" for those who make up the rule, but it's usually not true for most people.

    Thank goodness I work from home :-) And yes, I have a lot of fun doing what I do!

    1. Yes, again, I totally agree with you.

      Karen's excellent tip/point: if you decide to eat fruit in the morning make it a choice!

      I would love to be a freelance writer like you... I decided this year to start working towards that goal.

  7. I tend to eat more fruit in the morning but will eat it anytime since it is much better than what everyone else is usually snacking on. Lately I've been obsessed with clementines for my afternoon snack.

    There is always crappy food to avoid in the office and I struggle to resist it every single day so I stock up on fruit and nuts and healthier snacks to help me stay away from the junk.

    Unfortunately I've never had a fun job ;( Someday....

    1. Hey MB, how are you doing?

      I love clementines as a snack. Easy to peel, nice and sweat and usually juicy. I'm astounded by the amount of snackfood that my co-workers share. I'm not tempted by it, but I would be if I was in their department. Having your own snacks at your desk is a good strategy to avoid giving into temptation.

      Has the work environment improved? I seem to recall you were working incredibly long hours. That's tough...

  8. Hey Kara,

    Would you mind doing me a favor? The next time you comment on my blog can you comment anonymously. Comment and then sign with your blog name

    I am trying to get to the bottom of the problem with commenting.

    OK, hope all is well. And PS - you could write from home. Try and see what happens WHILE working. You write beautifully, concisely and about things that are interesting... Much as Karen does.

  9. I'm surprised that no one told you to myob?
    That girl didnt tell you not to eat something..she said she didnt eat fruit, except in the morning.
    The way I read it you interrupted her conversation with someone else.
    Keep doing what you do...eating what and when you want.
    Then you can start a new blog when you get a irreversible ailment.


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