Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Melted Bran Buds - yum!

I should seriously consider drinking coffee. How easy coffee drinkers have it. My friend smiles when she tells me that she heads to the ladies room 30 minutes after drinking her morning java. Me? Achieving regularity is no simple task. It's a crap shoot. And it certainly is an effort. Regularity is important; after all, if you ain't pooin' the scale ain't movin'.

I thought I had found the magic formula for regularity; eating quinoa early in the week to ensure an empty digestive system for the Wednesday morning weigh-in. However, as time went on, a few problems arose from using this strategy. The main issue is that quinoa was not always in the cupboard (or on the dinner menu) and in the end, it usually wasn't enough.

But then I saw the latest commercial for Bran Buds. The dude in the commercial suggested adding Bran Buds into all your foods. That's when I realized that I could start adding Bran Buds to my morning oatmeal. By the time I eat my oatmeal on the Go Train an hour later, the softened Bran Buds adds a surprisingly pleasant flavour to my morning meal. In the afternoon, I add another dose of Bran Buds to my afternoon yogurt snack.

Bran Buds sure gets the old bowels moving. But still, it is not always enough! So after much consideration and observation; I've figured out that this is what I need to do:

  • Eat quinoa as much as possible rather than rice (mmm quinoa);
  • Drink lots of water and/or peppermint tea;
  • Eat plenty of vegetables;
  • Eat grapes and blueberries over apples and bananas;
  • Add Bran Buds to oatmeal and yogurt; and
  • Avoid eating processed food.
So, there you have it; my new strategy for regularity, because eating quinoa on Monday and Tuesday just wasn't enough...

Do you add Bran Buds to any of your food?  



  1. Dirty spinach sometimes works for me.

    Bran buds? Must be a GWN (Great White North) thing. Metamucil?

    Why no coffee? You drink soda. Is there a reason?

  2. What is dirty spinach???

    What there are no Bran Buds in the States? It's a source of psyllium fiber!

    Metamucil is expensive, but I have not ruled this out...

    I haven't actually tried coffee, my Mom was overly cranky before she her morning dose and I didn't want to have a reliance to coffee like she seems to have.

    1. Just to state the obvious, when you say dirty spinach, do you mean unwashed spinach or some sort of spinach drenched in vodka?

    2. I was talking dirt on the spinach. LOL. Although there was this time a while back when I was grousing about not being able to ditch the constipation and I did try to eat a giant bowl of raw spinach. Nothing. When you want it, it never comes. It merely waits until you are out on the road with nary a toilet in sight. Or right in the middle of a play. Sometimes I go to the book store if the colon refuses to yield. For some reason bookstores make me regular. Seriously.

      I have never heard of a bran bud, but that does not mean they do not sell them here. They sell lots of psyllium husks here - usually in powder form. Not sure why the powder. Maybe it goes down easier?

      What happens when you deny yourself your cola on ice?

      Incidentally, I had a big gulp the other day and instantly thought of you. Funny what sticks. I shudder imagining what makes people who have read my blog think of me. You it is usually my undone zipper, big gulps and any time I am contemplating how a normal person might act around the cake in the fridge.

    3. Bran Buds is a high fiber cereal and one serving gives you 44% of the daily recommended fiber. After a quick google search, I learned that Bran Buds is available in Canada and in the States, but from the comments on amazon (a review for Bran Buds) it seems that this cereal isn't widely available. Some people order the cereal by the case from amazon.com!

      Hmm, if a big gulp reminds you of me perhaps I do drink to much diet coke! Does diet coke plug one up? I may need to rethink the metamucil!

      I always think about you when I'm writing a post, especially how it only takes you ten minutes to write one up!! Of course, if I'm having problems with my bra, I think of you. And when I look at my FUPA, I think of you again!

  3. What is dirty spinach OR bran buds!?! They all sound disgusting! Hahahahaha!

  4. I use ground flax seeds (2T) and chia seeds (1T) in my oatmeal. And I am using real old fashioned oats. Very effective. But you will have to look at their numbers and decide how it impacts your totals and percentages.

    Lightly steamed broccoli is also very effective.

    When I think processed cereal, I think cookies. Because they are nearly the same thing. So I felt very cautious when I read that is what you are doing.

  5. I'll try out the flax seed and chia seeds, see if it helps. I'm always on the lookout for a less processed alternative!

    I alternate weekday breakfasts between old fashioned (large flake) oatmeal and Irish cut (steel cut) oatmeal. The Irish cut oatmeal is a recent addition so I'm in the process of getting used to the taste. I'll always have the large flake oatmeal ready to go just in case I forget to put the steel cut oats in the microwave on time and I have to leave before the 15 minute cooking time finishes!

    1. I've also been thinking about adding some probiotics to help encourage good "flora" in my tummy. (The kind you buy in a health food store rather than the kind in the yogurt...)

  6. No, but I'm conscious of my fiber intake, before I changed my life, I was eating less than 10 grams of fiber a day, after I was eating over 20. I go like clockwork now :) Every morning :)


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