Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The stomach flu strikes again....

Fruit-topped, custard tart, chocolate mousse cake and mini cupcakes: thankfully I did not consume all these in the same sitting. It's just food, but decadent desserts are on the unhealthy side of the food spectrum.

It was a social-heavy weekend that included tasty desserts. Except the mini cupcakes; my husband picked up a couple of trays after work. I ate some of the mini cupcakes before going to the Thursday night swim practice. Thankfully, hubby does not bring home mini cupcakes frequently.

The vegetable and fruit intake was low this week, as my stomach is recuperating from the stomach flu (second time in 2.5 months!). Thankfully, this flu bug seemed to be less contagious, so only the older bear and myself caught it. It's been a slow recovery; I've been feeling dizzy/light-headed since Friday, but that feeling has been decreasing since Monday.

I managed to get to the pool on Thursday night, but I skipped the Saturday run and a second swim on Sunday, partially due to the dizziness and partially due to the time constraints. Saturday's run was also in jeopardy since I arrived home unexpectedly late (and tired) on Friday night. A man was hit by a GO train, so I sat on the train at Union Station for 1.5 hours until the train was finally cleared to leave. Thankfully, the man survived.   

That means I am up a little bit this week. I suspect some of it is a true gain but some of it is fruit-topped custard tart, chocolate mousse cake and mini cupcakes sitting in the digestive track.


  1. It amazes me how sometimes when I eat "crap" I really do feel like crap!

  2. I admire you powering thru some exercise when you feel like and exude um.... stomach flu twice in 2.5 months? That is wrong. Maybe the cupcakes will settle things down some.

    My friend made a dobos torte for a dinner party and saved me back a piece. She came over and watched me eat it. If it were anyone else but her - and I had not taught her to make it - which made her do the saving of the piece - I would have been annoyed. I decided to enjoy it.

    I am glad the man hit by the train is OK. Or survived. I hope he is OK.


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