Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's confirmed - I gained 4 pounds

I gained four pounds (well, 3.8 to be exact) during the holiday season. I'm fine with this as it matters what I eat between New Year's and Christmas rather than what I eat between Christmas and New Year's. The vast amounts of heavier/sweeter/fattier foods and increased number of social events are typical for the holiday season but not the rest of the year. (Didn't I already write about this?)

In any case, the scale is moving down again as the daily routine returns to normal. I'm back in the pool, walking to and from the train and I managed to fit in a second swim on Sunday PLUS (OMG) a run/walk on Saturday.

The run/walk felt great; the temperature was perfect running weather at -10 degrees (Celsius). I started back at the beginning with one minute running & one minute walking for approximately 20 minutes. I ran more than intended as my Polar heart rate monitor needs a new battery, so I couldn't hear the timers beeping or they simply weren't beeping at all.

Of course, running once is not a habit; it's a single occasion. I would like to make running a habit (again), not just a once in a while event. This is why I'm developing a Start a new healthy habit plan (challenge). Are you interested in joining me in a quest to start a new healthy habit? More details to come...

Also, thank you Sarah @Fat So Sarah, Elle @We can begin to feed, and Slim Katie @Runs for Cookies by reading your posts, you helped me get into my running gear and back out on the road!


  1. I gained too. And it sure hasn't helped that I can't burn calories with cardio:(

    1. YOur calf muscle still has you out of commission? I hope it gets better soon!

  2. I did not lose. I think I gained and lost the same three pounds and seem to still be doing that since I cannot or will not trim calories back to where they need to be OR exercise consistently. I told hubby that I cannot exercise to lose weight because I may not want to consistently keep it up and if I depend on it to lose weight then I will gain when I stop.

    Yo! Low five for erroneous circuitous munchberry logiclite.

    I did make it back to the pool. I mostly pretended I was Esther Williams. I was wearing a ruched suit and a cute cap. That probably did not help things.

    High five on the running. Katie is lovely inspiration.

    1. But, overall you didn't gain, which is good! When you are ready, you'll do what you need to do. It's a long journey, sometimes we need time to maintain.

      Re: exercise to lose weight, circuitous munchberry logiclite. I agree, an exercise plan should be something you can maintain. I read this post about the damage to the Biggest Losers' participants' metabolism:

      Yes, I read that, I'm so happy for your Esther! Ruched suits would have a lot of drag, but just call that strength training too!

      You are very insightful Munchberry!

    2. Seriously Karen - the suit ... in light of my technique and fluttering flesh produced minimal drag. But I do appreciate your thoughts, if I were of the firm flesh... ahem... duly noted. I have daisies on my cap. I have a real one (and a real suit) but it was the only way I could get myself to the pool.

  3. Yayy! I'm glad you're back out running again!


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