Friday, January 6, 2012

I skipped last night's swim workout

I didn’t go swimming last night. I feel terrible. And as much as I don’t want to feel guilty/badly, I do.

It’s a busy time at work. I don’t stay late unless necessary. I’d rather be home with my family; the hubby and my little bears.

I felt compelled to finish a part of the project and get it out onto someone else’s desk. I was hoping to catch the 6:13 train. I pressed send on the email at 6:20. There was still time, I could catch the 6:43 if I take the subway. I grab my stuff and head on down to the office concourse level.

There is a man yelling. People are leaving the subway station en masse. Not a good sign.

“The subway is closed, no trains headed downtown,” the TTC guy calls out.

F*** I say to myself.  

I call hubby and tell him that I've missed the 6:43 due to the subway and that I’m going to be on the 7:13. He asks if I’m going swimming. I tell him I’m unsure. I want to go, I’m feeling ok now, but that can change. It’s been a long day and practice starts at 9:30. No time to unwind, barely enough time to say goodnight to the older bear (if he is still awake), eat dinner and get my swim stuff ready.

I arrive home at 8 pm. My older bear is awake so I read him a story and enjoy our cuddle time. It’s 8:30 when I finally eat dinner. I have 45 minutes until I need to leave for the pool.

Bones comes on at 9 pm. I decide to go swimming, but arrive about fifteen minutes late. This means I have another 30 minutes. It’s the episode with the new brilliant teen intern with a southern accent and criminal record. His stepfather is missing and his body was never found. Did Finn murder his stepfather? I need to know.  Of course in this day and age and a PVR, with the touch of the button, I can easily record the remainder of the show, but I don’t. Exhaustion fills my body.

I decide to stay home to be functional person today (Friday). Each week, I arrive home wired after my swim at approximately 11. Occasionally, I manage to get to bed as early as 11:30, but usually my head hits the pillow at 12:30 AM; a mere 4.5 hours to sleep until I get up the next morning.

This is the fourth workout in a row that I have missed due to another corporate deadline and Christmas events. Hubby doesn’t help when he points out that we paid a lot of money for me to go. I point out that I can attend makeup practices.

I’m not worried that I’ll never go again. But I feel like I let myself down and my coach down. I chose to laze about and watch TV rather than move my muscles. I decided to unwind rather than do some cardio. The funny part is, I love the Thursday night workouts: I love to the sets, I love the stiff muscles, I love my heart beating faster and my lungs expanding in my chest.

I'm good at banishing guilty feelings when it comes to eating, but not so much when I missed a scheduled workout. 

It’s over, it’s done. I’m moving on.



  1. I always feel a bit guilty when I skip a workout. How much so depends on my excuse/reason. But I have actually worked on this, telling myself it is okay now and then and that I workout very regularly.

  2. As with everything else, not beating oneself up takes practice...

  3. Consider mentioning to hubby that talking about the missed practice does not help. In a kind way of course. For both of you.

    I started swimming while on hiatus. I thought of you as I jumped in the pool and then tried not to think mean thoughts as I gasped for relief breath as I shrugged of the kickboard and headed into my first 25 of free. I ended up doing lots of breaststroke and was STILL breathing hard. Woe.

    That is a late practice time Jeesh!

    I skipped over the Bones part. I am still catching up and in season 4. Tonight - colleague in the casket killed twice. Very amusing.

  4. nine oclock swim time is rough. Dont beat yourself over the head too much. Communiting downtown and trying to get workouts in is a total bear I havent worked downtown in a while but the commute is a killer. I completely feel you on the guilt- I took practically all semester off last term from the gym because I just couldn't handle another thing on my plate- and every month when the 59.99 was deducted from my account it was another bit of chastising that I had wasted another full month on my rear end :-/


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