Thursday, December 29, 2011

Saying no to a Weight Watchers membership

I'm sitting with my parents on a beautiful summer day in late August. My Mom is concerned about my weight. She's tried various approaches to motivate me to lose weight since the huge pregnancy weight gain in 2008.

Unfortunately, my Mom is not one of those people in my life I can talk to about my food issues. She thinks that if I'm not losing weight on Weight Watchers, that I must not want to lose weight. She doesn't understand that I don't want to be overweight, but dieting had become an utterly impossible task.

My Mom did not know about the sessions with a cognitive behaviour therapist until almost a year into the process. From time-to-time I pondered how (and if) I was going to tell her about therapy. Luckily, she started the conversation herself:

Mom: I'd like to pay for a Weight Watcher's membership for you.

Me: Mom, I'll never go on Weight Watcher's again.
Mom: So how will you lose weight?
Me: By eating properly; balanced, nutritious meals, with lots of fruits and vegetables. I saw a person last year to help figure out my eating issues and the reason I overeat is because of my history of dieting.
Me:  I've changed my eating habits and the good news is that my cravings have decreased significantly. I don't think about chocolate and cookies and ice cream all the time now.

Me: I'm losing weight, but it's going to be slow. It 's important that I don't feel like I'm on a diet.

I didn't go into any more details. She responded to the news well. We haven't talked about it again. Thankfully she knows not to ask how I'm doing. I'm going to show her progress rather than talk about it.


  1. Brava KLA! This was a very hard lesson for me to stop talking about it. Whether I was losing or gaining, my whole freaking life was about talking about the damned number. Once I took the focus off my weight and what I was doing to change it, amazing things started to happen.

  2. Aw, I'm glad she didn't hound you afterwards. I'm sure just knowing that you took that step for yourself tells her you are taking the matter seriously <3

  3. Thanks for the new follow on my food/recipes blog - glad I followed you back!

    I did some cognitive therapy work a while back.. did the Beck Diet Solution Workbook in its first evolution. Made myself some little rules that I still live by. And yes, I am lifetimer at WW, but it is not for everyone, I agree.

    I read your profile... we have some similar interests, too.

  4. Karen - I agree!

    Carbie Girl - Thankfully she brought this up towards the end of my sessions rather than the beginning, I knew that I had changed rather than I was hoping to change. I was able to speak with confidence.

    Hi Elle - I brought the peanut/raisin/chocolate chips for a snack today; so excited to try something new. I never made it to lifetime WW member, I think my goal weight was never a realistic number. It's such an accomplishment that you did it and have maintained it.

    I learned of CBT with the Beck Diet Solution but decided I needed to see a CB therapist in person. I was surprised to learn that unlike the BDS, I was not allowed (it was a part of the therapy process) to diet.


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