Friday, December 2, 2011

A conversation between hubby and wife

Me: Am I looking smaller?

Hubby: Yes, you do. Do I look smaller?

Me: Actually yes you do. Have you lost weight?

Hubby: Yes, about ten pounds.

Me: Just from eating the stuff I've been asking you to make?

Hubby nods.

Me: You're not even exercising!

Hubby laughs.

Me: I was close to catching up to you.

Hubby shrugs.

I mouth to hubby: b*st*rd!

Of course, I'm happy for hubby, but errrr....


  1. I told hubby that if he brags about losing weight while not even trying I will spike his food with oil. Knowing me to be devil like, he knows the threat is not idle. Calories without the enjoyment. Same threat if he dares to eat ice cream cake in front of me again.

    He does not care much about food. Completely baffling to me.

  2. People who don't care about food baffle me too. I'm hoping I don't pass on my food issues to my boys. Hopefully they will baffle me too!

  3. Hello Munchberry, this is the hubbby.

    There is a problem with wifey spiking my food!

    I do all the cooking LOL


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