Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's winter! Time to start running again!

As I drove my car out of the Oakville Go Train station on Thursday night, I couldn't help but notice a large group of runners (~40 people) decked out in neon green/orange/yellow jackets running drills up and down the hill on Cross Avenue. The temperature was approximately -16 degree temperature (~-30 with the windchill).

I'm taking this as a sign that it is time to start running again. Or at least walking around the neighbourhood at a nice clip on a regular basis. I'm not much of a runner. It's interesting to note that I gravitate towards low impact sports: swimming, rowing, in-line skating and cycling. I find running jarring on my joints: bam, bam, bam, bam. It is an effort to get into running. However, once I get into it, I understand what all the fuss is about.

I prefer running outside instead of inside, so the weather is a factor. Personally, I like winter running better than summer running. I like to sweat, but I don't like to be super overheated. I can only take off so much clothing in the summer. However, in the winter, I can always add more.

Speaking about the weather, we've had a couple of cold snaps this winter here in Southern Ontario this winter and more snow than usual. Years ago, when I trained for a 10K during the winter and I loved running in -30 degree temperatures and marveling at my frozen eyebrows, eyelashes. However the idea of heading out for a run (mostly walking really) after a seven year absence in the same super cold temperatures and blizzard-like conditions is not ideal setting to start running again. My motivation and resolve melts like the snow in spring.

What I need is a plan. Without a plan, it just won't happen.

Therefore my short term plan is to head out tomorrow morning, preferably first thing before the bears get out of bed (which is a challenge since the big one gets up before 6 am).

Will I? Won't I? I have to go with I will, otherwise I won't!

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