Friday, January 31, 2014

Did I stay or did I go running?

I knew I was in trouble when hubby went to bed on Saturday night before me. He snored his way through "After Earth." Typically, I'm the one sleeping through the movie and he's the one watching and filling in the plot points the next day. Frankly, I'm shocked that the movie didn't put me to sleep, but then again I was working on a Shutterfly photobook. In any case, once the movie ended, he went to bed.

Hubby going to bed first is a problem. I have a hard time falling asleep if hubby is already in bed. It disrupts my bedtime routine. I like to fall asleep watching TV. I'm usually out by the time the 30 minute shut off timer on the TV needs to be reset. Of course, he also snores.

Unfortunately, I wasn't tired so I decided to watch an episode of Homeland. Then another episode. It was almost 2 am by the time I crawled into bed. Of course, once in bed, I had trouble falling asleep. I tossed and turned. Overall it just wasn't a good night of sleep. And I slept through my planned running/walking outing.

So I need a better plan. I need to make it part of my weekend routine. My weekday routines work like a finely tuned  machine, however, the weekends are a bit of the wild west, in terms of eating and exercise. Weekend time is not as structured as weekdays and the amount of planned and last-minute activities varies from weekend to weekend.

It's time to figure out the weekends.

Next post: my friend Jennifer writes about how cognitive behaviour therapy has changed her thoughts on eating out at restaurants!


  1. I had major surgery the first week in December, my days and nights have been mixed up ever since, I totally relate.


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