Monday, April 22, 2013

Catching up - how are you doing?

Hey, how are you?

It's been a while.

Stuff has been going on.

My laptop crashed permanently. The motherboard burned out. Who knew that laptops only last 3 to 4 years? I'm sure many people knew that, but I didn't. Interesting to note that the cost to replace a fried motherboard pretty much buys a new computer. So I bought a new computer, with a bigger monitor (yay!). It's taking time getting used to a new keyboard and Windows 8 (what the heck happened to the Start button?).

There has been news; good and not-so-good. I was shocked by the horrific bombing in Boston and tragic fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas. My heart go out to the family and friends touched by these events. However, I primarily think of my wonderful mother-in-law and father-in-law who are experiencing their own health crisis far away in Newfoundland; I think of you always and I am glad that your son, my DH will be coming home to be with you soon.

Eating has been going well. Tackling my issue with social eating has led down an interesting road. I'm annoyed by all the junk food everywhere. Yoni Freedhoff recently called it second hand junk food. I'm formulating a plan to make it easier for people at my workplace to not eat food. I'm excited, but I know my suggestion is controversial.

I've been reading Michael Moss' Salt, Sugar, Fat. I'm adding a new eating trigger to list of triggers. The newly discovered trigger is processed food. Why? Because processed food tastes too good. It is engineered by chemists in a lab, supported by research to guarantee that we eat too much, buy more and induce cravings.

It is time to challenge the traditional ideas on why we we overeat.

I've also decided to push my comfort zone when it comes to this blog. I intend to write more controversial posts or write in a more controversial voice. I've changed how I think about food, dieting and weight loss; now I want everyone else to change too.


  1. Oldest's laptop, purchased just as he started freshman/undergrad, did not make it until his graduation. Can you believe that? He now takes a mini iPad to class so his new laptop can make it as long as possible (first year of 5 year doctorate program). Middle has to take hers to class (fresh/undergrad) as she has to use it in class, iPad will not work with what she does. All 3kids have lap tops, all three have iPods, husband and oldest have iPhones, I have iPad so does oldest, husband has company laptop. Amount of electronics needed, just to function, is staggering.

    A lot of bloggers seem to be going thru this - they shouldn't be manufacturing this (non)food/junk, we shouldn't have to deal with it, people need to see the clean food light. It is interesting to see. All accurate.

  2. Isn't it interesting that that stuff isn't even food? It's product designed to look, smell, and taste like food... Yucky.

    Sorry about your laptop! Glad you have it figured out though!



    I leave bloggers/people links to the above post all the time. Can you go into that post and put a link, to part II, that you mention at the bottom please?

  4. I am also reading Salt Sugar Fat, its a very eye opening read. I try and avoid processed food like the plague, but it seems to be what ends up in the cupboard for the kids as a 'treat'. It's easy to see why it's such an enticing trap - its all so inexpensive, available, and looks soooo good.


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