Sunday, September 9, 2012

A quick post about writing

I was hoping to get a few blog posts published before now. I actually have two posts on the go right now, but I just haven't had the time to finish them. Work has been busy. RecentlyI worked late a few nights in a row, plus my oldest bear is starting school (OMG) so I've been busy getting ready for that.

And life is going to get busier as I signed up to swim three nights of week instead of one. Two of the workouts are 1.5 hours and the other workout is an hour, so I'm swimming four hours a week instead of one. The workouts are late as well. Two workouts end at 10:30 and the other workout at 10:00. I'm worried about getting enough sleep to get up in the morning.

However, I'm mostly worried about figuring out when I'm going to write. I'm a slow writer. I write, rewrite and rewrite more. Usually the issue is that I have trouble narrowing down what I want to say. I also write best in the morning, but unfortunately the only time I can write is in the evening after the little bears are in bed. Swimming eliminates writing time on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and I'm going to be tired on Tuesday and Friday, the non-swimming days.

My goal is to post once a week. I have some ideas on how I'm going to meet this goal, but I'd love to hear your ideas. What is your writing process? How long do you spend writing your posts? Do you have any tips on how to post more frequently?



  1. I used to be a slow writer too. And I would rewrite many times. I learned to stop (sort of) agonizing and just do it. Do you have any downtime (like I am trying to remember if you drive to work or are on some type of public transportation) that might work as writing time?

    Good for you in finding three days a week to swim.

    Speaking from experience, if you are doing this not only for cardio health, but also hoping to drop pounds, make sure you do not end up with wandering food habits.

    Some people fall into the trap of "I have been so good about exercise I can have X" and that ends up happening many times a day/week/month. Other people sort of loose their food prep time when their schedule changes.

    It is important to keep balance and also to get your water in each day.

    There are a lot of weightless bloggers who train for something (like a race) and end up firmly believing that it is not compatible with weight loss. It is what happened to their food habits that is the problem, not the training. I have heard Bob Harper affirm this, but noticed it myself from personal experience and from reading a lot of blogs.

  2. Hi chick, welcome back =) My blog posts just flow from my brain to my fingers and usually I have enough time to hit spellcheck, haha. :)


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