Thursday, July 5, 2012

My freakin' zipper is down again

A flash of red catches my eye as I ease into the driver's seat of my car.

Damn it. My freakin' zipper is down again.

I just dropped off the kids at daycare so thankfully my little bears didn't hear my curse.

This is the first time in months that I've left the house with my zipper down. I can't say that my zipper has been zipped for all these months, as I recall a few instances of flashing hubby and the bears while walking around the house.

Come to think of it, the last time this happened during a December 19th playdate in Hamilton. My friend Tracey pointed out my downed fly after emerging from the bathroom with the baby bear.

Apparently I risk public embarassment whenever my toddler decides to follow me into the facilities or wander into the bedroom as I pull on my pants.

As he did this morning.

Note to self: be extra vigilent to zip your zipper when the baby bear is in the same room while pulling up pants/capris/shorts.


  1. I have been wondering when you would be flying around free and easy letting it all hang out.

    And so here we are.

    I suspect secret (even to you) exhibitionist tendencies. Strongly suspect. Capital S Squared.

    : )

  2. Mine broke today. Wth!~ Stuck at work with a broken zipper. Lovely.

    1. Well, I'm lucky that at least I can zip my zipper!

  3. Don't you love those little unexpected things? lol Better luck with the zip-zip! :)



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