Thursday, July 26, 2012

An update after a year of no dieting

Hubby, little bears and I are now home from our summer jaunt to cottage country. It was a fun break: swimming with the kids, fishing, sandcastles,big family dinners, smores and scones from Don's Bakery in Bala; reading a book, playing euchre in the evening. Good times, good times.

I've been blogging about the weight loss phase of my journey for more than a year now. And I'm happy with the fact that I have lost 35 pounds without any diet, especially my former diet of choice Weight Watchers. I eat what I want, no matter the calorie count or fat content.

I crave healthier foods now, so it's easier to make healthy choices. And if I happen to have a craving for let's say cookies, chocolate or ice cream, sometimes I indulge, sometimes I don't. I don't feel guilty, I feel normal.

A 35 pound loss has meant smaller clothes, no more back aches in the morning and no more chafing.  Clothes feel much better, I think I look better, much less fluffy. However, wearing a swimsuit all week at the cottage was a reminder of how much farther I have to go. With a loss rate of 35 pounds a year, that means a couple of more years.

Two more years, yes that's slow, really slow. But, this is how it has to be for me.

Anyow, I'm falling asleep, so I better go to bed.

Way off topic, but are you as excited as I am for the start of the Olympics??

Ok, 'Im totally nodding off, so I better go.



  1. I think you have it figured out Kara. Not many folks do what is really smart and just start eating and thinking like a thin person.

    Bathingsuits. A dose of reality, but not the end of life if you are not a supermodel.

    Olympics. I like the gymnastics and anything in the water. I like to gawk at the men on the rings. Yep. Gawk.

    1. It think it is so scary to focus on your eating behaviours, it is against everything we read about, everything we are told, and the results are uncertain. But I recommend it to everyone.

      The damn fupa and my thighs are the major um problem areas... What? A supermodel career is not awaiting me at the end of all this?

      Me too. I just love the Olympics. I was tearing up when the Deaf and hearing impaired choir sang "God Save the Queen" in the Opening ceremonies...

  2. To be honest, I am all for slow...slower than the current "slow" if that makes any sense. It allows our bodies, minds, and spirits to catch up and get used to the changes. Good going!

    1. Thanks Karen. I totally, totally agree. And it all adds up.


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