Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation Notification!

My family and I are on our way to Newfoundland. I'm unsure how everything is going to pan out with food.  I've decided to eat as healthy as possible but also enjoy some of my favorite Newfie food such as:

  • Fish Tongue and Scrunchions -  kids may have trouble distinguishing a cod tongue from chicken nuggets. Scrunchions are served with fish, very tasty, very bad for you; fried pork fat.

  • Sally's Cove chip truck for deep fried clam strips and fries - I'm looking forward to this meal the most. The truck was closed for the season during our last visit, so its been five years since I've eaten clam strips! They also serve the best fish and chips, deep fried scallops and shrimp. No picture of the actual truck or food, but someone made a comment about the chip truck I'm referring to.

  • Jiggs Dinner - not my favorite meal, but it is traditional.

  • Wild Berries - namely raspberry, blueberry, partridgeberry and bakeapple - pies, jams, squares; yummy.

  • Lobster – it's the first time we’ll be there during lobster season...

Hopefully with lots of walking, the damage won't be too bad...

See you next week!

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