Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting together for a brown bag lunch

Kara: Hey Jen, do you want to get together for lunch?

Jen: Sure! When? Where?

Kara: My schedule is wide open, let me know what works for you.

Jen: This week is full, but I can get together next week.

Kara: Works for me! Do you want to do a brown bag lunch or go somewhere?

Jen: Brown bag is good.

Kara: Excellent!

My brown bag lunch

My brown bag is in fact, green. 

On Friday, I'm meeting my friend Jen for lunch. Literally. She is bringing her lunch, and I will bring mine. It's a win-win situation - we get together to catch up on our busy lives and we eat the food the food that we want to eat.
I always had mixed emotions about going out for lunch. I love going out for lunch, but I saw it as a drain on my wallet and invariably derailed healthy eating for the day. Of course, restaurant food is tasty - but is it worth it?
After I returned to work after mat leave (and 9 months of cognitive therapy), I decided to put it out there - hey girls, instead of going out for lunch at a restaurant, why don't we meet in the food court and bring our lunch?
They agreed. We came. We chatted. And we ate our own food.
In the last two years of getting together with my friends for lunch, I can only think of one occasion that we actually went to a restaurant.   


  1. Great idea. But I must admit I love eating out, but mainly because it is so very rare that I get a restaurant meal with a good friend to chat too.

  2. I love this! It breaks that cycle of social eating occurring only at restaurants. I see my girls do the same thing at college. They will meet their friends at the picnic tables on campus and everyone brings their own lunch. Awesome!

  3. I have reduced my out to eat for lunch to once a week, sometimes every other week. It has made a huge impact on my wallet and my waistline, I believe.

  4. What a great plan to stay on plan!


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