Monday, November 19, 2012

Plateau - still figuring out social eating

So, I'm climbing my way out of a plateau that has persisted since mid-July. Since then, my weight has basically gone up and down with a net loss of nothing. I'm not mystified or wondering why I continue to wallow in this maintain state. I know why this is happening; the problem is social eating. I haven't figured out how to handle eating at social occasions in a way that works for me.

Case in point; last Friday there was a pot luck breakfast at work. I don't like potluck meals - it's wasteful - I eat more than I would at a normal meal (I'm sure I'm not the only one) and so much of the food ends up in the trash bin. I attempt to temper (instead of adding to) the potluck carb-fest, by bringing a healthier (but less popular) options such as fruit or sandwiches. However, on this particular occasion  I was lured in by the variety of  tastes from donuts, cheese, muffins, bread pudding, quiche, samosas to name a few. I ate way too much food; to the point of discomfort and I didn't eat again until 2 pm.

Fortunately, potluck meals don't happen on a daily basis; the last one I attended was last Christmas. Then again, there is always some event to challenge weight loss progression: dinner parties, birthday parties, work conferences, dinner/lunch out, girls' cross-border shopping day, day out at the beach/park/conservation area etc. I'm not a particularly busy social butterfly nor do I have a large family; but there always seems to be some event to halt my effort.

I can handle the bulk of my eating for the week. I will lose weight if there are no special events during the week. But that isn't realistic; that isn't life. I want to learn to handle social eating in a better way, which is especially important since Christmas is only five weeks away. So, I'm heading back to therapy with the hope that my struggle with social eating will no longer be a struggle.

How are you planning on handling social eating this upcoming holiday season? Do you have any eating strategies for potluck meals or dinner parties?


  1. I'm going to refer you to Jane Cartelli's recent post on the subject:

    And in my own (often harsh-sounding) voice, remind you that you are an adult and the only person who needs to be comfortable with your decision is yourself. It's just too bad if someone is insulted you didn't eat their 7-layer dip or homemade pastry; that person isn't the one stepping on your scale or putting on your pants the next morning. ;)

    1. I'll have to check out the link tomorrow, when its not so late!

      Well, I don't regret participating in the potluck; I like to approach these things as an opportunity to practice. However, I do want to learn to handle these sort of events differently in the future.

      No seven-layer dip salads this go around but lots of homemade pastries...

  2. Hmm. I have wondered myself why I bring the healthy thing to a party and choose not to make it my go to plated item. I would if it were potato salad.

    Are you eating less calories the following day? I tell myself I will, then don't.

    1. I hate to admit, but I brought a bunch of clementines from home and I was a little unsure if they were really sweet and juicy. I had ate one and sadly, they were a little on the dry side and slightly sweet. Oh how disappointing fruit can be...

      Typically I return to normal eating, but I don't try to eat less to make up for the overeating, that will lead to more overeating. However, I was too full to eat lunch on Friday. I had a salad at about 2 pm.

  3. That is me in a nutshell. Go on vacation, gain 5lbs.
    My routine is my only lifesaver.
    At potlucks I just have to bring my own lunch. It sucks and they give me hateful stares, but I still do it.

    1. I have not thought to bring my own meal to a potluck lunch/dinner/breakfast. Great, freakin' idea. I can put up with the stares. It's interesting how many people are unsupportive eh? You need to participate in the eat-fest to belong. So wrong.


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