Monday, May 7, 2012

Shaking up the plan

I've made a decision to try a little bit harder. At least in short manageable chunks of time.

Since my parents returned from Florida and social occassions have increased, I've hit a plateau. I certainly wasn't losing weight in record amounts or time, but throughout the winter, I consistently lost a little bit of weight each week.

But, that has stopped. Why? Well, I'm eating more food. It started with big bear's birthday party (and the days leading up to the party) and has continued on since, with a family dinner party and working overtime and work provided lunch. I'm fine during the work week, but the weekends are proving to be unpredictable - food wise.

Basically, I'm fine as long as there are no unplanned eating events, such as parties, birthday or otherwise. But that's unrealistic, that's not life. I don't live in cacoon, so I have to get a handle on the unplanned eating. Yes, I know I have a plan for unplanned eating, but I think I need to tweak my plan. I need to put more into it.

I'm starting to think about food again. Not obsessively, but I am finding it more difficult to shake off temptation. This is a sign that I'm bored with my food choices. It's time to switch it up. I'm thinking of breakfast in particular. Perhaps I can come up with new snacks.

In any case, here is my plan:
  • Eat more grains (quinoa, barley, couscous etc). I like eating grains, but my kids and hubby want to eat rice and potatoes too. On those days, I'll enjoy previously prepared quinoa.
  • Start running (or walking). I want to get in more exercise, but, I'm going to start slowly and work my way up.
  • Write out what I'm going to eat for Saturday and Sunday. I need more more boundaries, nothing too strict (triggers overeating), but enough that I'll have to stretch my effort a bit.

I'm a little worried. I'm feeling anxious, but if I go slowly, if I remember that I don't need to be perfect, I know it'll work out.


  1. You can do it, chick. Just don't place too much pressure on yourself. You'll be great.
    I just bought my first quinoa this weekend.. I'm anxious to try it out this week.

    1. Hubby toasted the quinoa first, then cooks it in chicken stock with garlic and italian seasoning. So good!

      Thanks for the support, so far so good this week!

  2. Replies
    1. I switched to oatmeal in the morning. I make it at home and then enjoy it on the train. It's been a good switch.

  3. I find that when I exercise, my eating kind of falls into imperfect place.
    It's a good place to be! XOXO

    1. I know what you mean. I love how I feel after Thursday's swim practice. I have to focus on that feeling so I can get into running again.

  4. That is a great plan! Healthy habits for the win! You definitely don't need to be perfect ~ just don't let the non-perfect moments define you.

    1. Totally agree! Great advice for all of us!


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